Booking Number: 44309
Booking on: 9/12/2017
County: Charlotte
Date of Birth: 9/8/1960
Age: 57
Gender: M
Race: W


  • Violation Code: 787.02 1a
    Violation Description: False Imprisonment of a Person Against Their Will (LEV:F DEG:T 2604)
  • Violation Code: 784.07 2a
    Violation Description: Assault on Officer Firefighter EMT (LEV:M DEG:F 2572)
  • Violation Code: 784.021 1a
    Violation Description: Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon without Intent to Kill (LEV:F DEG:T 2558)
  • Violation Code: 784.07 2c
    Violation Description: Aggravated Assault on Officer Firefighter EMT (LEV:F DEG:S 2574)
  • Violation Code: 843.01
    Violation Description: Resisting Officer with Violence (LEV:F DEG:T 3142)
  • Violation Code: 784.03 1a1
    Violation Description: Battery by Intentional Touch or Strike (LEV:M DEG:F 2560)